Three Takeaways from the Detroit Lions road win against the Green Bay Packers, making them 2-0 on Monday Night Football this year.

1. Jim Bob Cooter needs to find better plays to run at the goal line

Another week of the Lions getting in the red zone, another week of struggling to find ways to get into the end zone. The Lions had a successful trip to the red zone when they ran it in with Ameer Abdullah in the second quarter, but the in second half, the Lions had two trips deep in the red zone, only to stall and have to kick a field goal. Offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter has had two straight games in which he is able to drive down the field with ease, only to stall really close to the end zone. Some of the blame is definitely on play calls because Cooter will put out predictable formations when running the ball in the red zone and then when the passing situation comes around, it is a short pass that doesn’t go anywhere. Hopefully, Cooter can figure out this struggle next week against the Browns because you cannot win games off field goals alone.

2. Marvin Jones Jr. is very difficult to guard one -on-one

Marvin Jones Jr. had a monster game with seven receptions for 107 yards and two touchdowns. Both of his touchdowns were in one-on-one coverage and Jones has been able to take advantage of those match ups all year. Stafford really likes seeing Jones Jr. with single coverage and seems to just throw it up to him to see him make a play. This seems to be very efficient and Jones Jr. is establishing himself as somebody you have to double team, which should give openings to the other guys for the Lions offense.

3. Jamal Agnew is not just a returner, he can do it all on special teams

Jamal Agnew has been special for the Lions in the return game. But, this week, he showed that he is an all around special teams player by performing spectacular on the kick coverage this week. He had one play on a kickoff where he blew up the block on him, and then laid a big hit on the return guy for the Packers to get the tackle. Overall, Jamal Agnew is looking like a great draft pick for the Lions and plays like what he did on kick coverage can go a long way for the team.

This was a big win for the Lions. This put them at 2-0 against the division and two games back of the Vikings for the division lead. The Vikings’ next four out of the fives games are on the road, and the Lions have some pretty beatable opponents the next few weeks. It will be interesting to see where this goes because right now, it looks like it is going to be a battle for the NFC North between the Lions and the Vikings.