Why RGIII Should Be in The NFL

Coming out of Baylor, Robert Griffin III had all the hype and excitement from the scouts. Rightfully so, he deserved that because he had a prolific college career and showed intangibles that an NFL team wants in a franchise quarterback.

As you know Robert Griffin III was drafted second overall by the Washington Redskins. He had a great rookie season that included Griffin iii putting his team on his back during a seven game win streak.

Griffin had one of the greatest rookie seasons by any quarterback in NFL history, but as in most cases of an NFL career injuries were nagging him. Specifically his knee which is something a QB and a mobile QB at that needs to keep in tact.

He would go on to sit on the bench for anything except not being good enough. Not a great relationship with his coach and just the Redskins organization as a whole. Griffin iii decided to sign with the Cleveland Browns before the 2016 season. In the first game of the 2016 season Griffin iii broke his arm and was sidelined for most of the season. That brings us here.

Robert Griffin iii is now a free agent for a league that has team in need of a quarterback. Most people will talk about how every team needs to get Colin Kaepernick, but I don’t see why Griffin iii isn’t on an NFL roster. As injury prone he is he still has the talent to win most starting jobs in the NFL. He can do it all. In his career Griffin III  has shown that he is capable of winning a team games. I think if you put him on a team that can block for him and not get him destroyed then he can be successful.

The best teams for Robert Griffin iii are the Texans, Jaguars, and the Bengals. Yes, the Bengals because I think that Griffin iii can beat out Andy Dalton. Dalton is a decent quarterback, but if you give Griffin iii at least a decent offensive line he can thrive. That would give him A.J. Green and Joe Mixon who are two guys that can make big plays for that team.

With the Texans it would be for this season only. That is obviously because of Deshaun Watson being the right quarterback for the Texans. The Texans have Deandre Hopkins and a good offensive line even without Duane Brown. The Jaguars have a really good offensive line and of course a great running back in Leonard Fournette. These are all teams and systems that Griffin III can thrive in.

Robert Griffin iii has the talent to lead a team to a winning season. I’m not saying he can hop on a team and just win a Super Bowl, but for teams whos starting quarterback is out for the season and they still think they can win, Griffin iii can get them some wins. Robert Griffin iii is a great talent that when has pieces around him can make a team win.