WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who Won this Week? November 13, 2017

The Good

For Raw, the return of Triple H and announcing that he is going to be the 5th team member for Team Raw over Jason Jordan is a moment every WWE fan can get behind. This moment was great because we haven’t seen Triple H since Wrestlemania and he made an immediate impact when arriving. This makes the men’s traditional Survivor Series match that much better with HHH added and it also helped plant the beginning of the rivalry between Kurt Angle and Triple H because Triple H is kicking out Kurt Angle’s “son” off the team. Overall, this was a moment worth getting excited for because it is helped bury a story line fans do not like, and helped make a big match at Survivor Series that much better.

For Smackdown, we have a new Women’s Champion! Charlotte Flair was able to defeat Natalya this week on Smackdown and become the new champion. This now means that Charlotte will face off against Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series, which should be a great match! Along with that, Charlotte and Natalya put on a solid match as well. For the final touch too, they had Ric Flair make a surprise appearance to celebrate with Charlotte, which was a great moment in its own.

The Bad

For Raw, the opening segment was pretty bad. It featured Stephanie McMahon, The Shield, and Kurt Angle and they each said their peace, but it honestly just felt like filler. Stephanie was yelling at Kurt for letting Smackdown get the upper hand going into Survivor Series. Then, Kurt tried to defend himself over what has happened only for the Shield to come out and defend Kurt too. Then, the Shield announces that they will fight the New Day at Survivor Series (which should be great by the way), and then the segment just ends……

For Smackdown, while I am a big fan of the Brock Lesnar versus AJ Styles match at Survivor Series, I feel like this match didn’t get the proper buildup that a match of this gratitude should. All we really got out of the buildup to this match was promos cut by each superstar. It would’ve been great to see at least one confrontation between these two before their big match at the PPV. With that said, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan each cut a promo building up the match at Survivor Series, which should get fans excited to see, but it would’ve been nice to at least get a little preview of what is in store between these two with a brawl.

The Final Verdict

Overall, these were the go home shows for each brand for Survivor Series, and both brands put on great shows! This week though, I will have to give to Raw for a few reasons. First, the ending of the shows was great. To see Braun Strowman and Kane absolutely beat the heck out of each other and then Strowman slamming Kane through the ring was a crazy sight to see! Secondly, it was great to see The Shield finally get retribution and beat on the Miz, Cesaro, and Sheamus, and finally having the match they were supposed to have at TLC. Lastly, the announcement of Triple H as the 5th member of Team Raw was the icing on the cake for Raw to have the better show this week. Survivor Series looks like it is going to be an incredible event and each show did a great job of helping it feel like one of the Big 4 PPV’s on the year.