Three Takeaways from the Detroit Lions road win against the Chicago Bears, making them 3-0 in the NFC North

1. The Lions bounced back after a slow start

The Lions got down early and it looked like the lead was going to stay that way when the Bears got up 17 to 7 halfway through the second quarter, but the Lions were able to gather their composure, take a lead into halftime, and never looked back. This says a lot about this team because most of the time when the Lions get down early in games, it usually takes them until the 4th quarter until they start coming back. But, this week, the Lions were able to get it together and overcome that slow start to get back on track.

2. The defensive line needs to improve

With Ezekiel Ansah out another week, the defensive line got picked on this week. Jordan Howard ran all over them (125 yards on 15 carries) and they were giving quarterback Mitchell Trubisky plenty of time in the pocket. Lions fans were worried that this was going to be the biggest problem down the stretch of the season and it currently is showing right now. Hopefully, Ansah could come back and improve this line because it does need help, especially going into the Thanksgiving game against the Vikings.

3. Teams don’t seem to have a problem running against the defense

Last week it was Isiah Crowell and this week it was Jordan Howard. With the defensive line depleted, the past few teams have had no problems running against the Lions defense. Arm tackles and getting beat at the line are the two most noticeable things when observing this. With a big game against the Vikings next week and with the Vikings having Latavius Murray and Jerrick McKinnon running hot right now for the Vikings, stopping them should be priority number one for the Lions as they try to crawl their way to the top of the division.

With this victory, the Lions went 3-0 on the road against their divisional foes. That is huge from a Lions point of view because their last three divisional games are at home, which are all winnable games and could help determine where they stand in the NFC North. This game on Thanksgiving really will determine where the season goes from here.