Update on Shohei Ohtani

Almost a week has passed since the MLB ratified its newest posting system. Three Japanese league baseball players that we know of have been posted. The big Japanese phenom Shohei Ohtani, is the “big ticket item”, while submarine reliever Kazuhisa Makita is still available as well. Miles Mikolas, who last pitched in the MLB in 2014 with the Rangers, just signed a 2 year deal with the Cardinals after pitching multiple impressive seasons in the Nippon League.

Ohtani has received the most interest around the league, given his potential has both a pitcher and hitter. Ohtani, if you did not know before, made all interested teams answer a questionnaire. While we are not 100 percent sure what the questionnaire involved, we did figure out who impressed the phenom. Seven MLB teams met with Ohtani, the Dodgers, Giants, Angels, Padres, Mariners, Rangers and at last the Cubs.

While we do not know how or what each team presented to Ohtani, we do know that the Giants presentation did in fact impress. According to multiple sources, the Giants not only brought in their GM Bobby Evans, but also included manager Bruce Bochy and star catcher Buster Posey. Ohtani played more corner outfield in his time in Japan, but the Giants see the newcomer as someone who can start once per week and play center field for the other 6 days. At the end of last season, the Giants did express their thoughts on Denard Span’s future, stating they wanted to try Span in left field in the spring.

We go to late last night, where two of the many pursuers made a trade with the Minnesota Twins to acquire cash for Ohtani. These two teams are the Mariners and Angels. Both teams gave up a rookie ball prospect to the Twins, who were looking to deal international bonus pool money to bolster up their farm system.

When will Ohtani decide whose uniform he will be buttoning up next season? We still have to wait and find out, but do not be surprised if he makes the big decision in the coming days.