WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who Won this Week? Christmas Edition!

The Good

For Raw, the match between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe was another great clash between these two. These two faced off in an Intercontinental Championship match which ended when Reigns was disqualified by the referee. After the match, Reigns put on a brutal attack to Samoa Joe, attacking his shoulder and getting payback on Joe for taking out Dean Ambrose the week before. This rivalry is far from over as both of these guys are tough as nails and they will battle again. Hopefully, there is a stipulation next time so that nobody can get DQ’d and these guys can just brawl.

For Smackdown, the triple threat tag team match between Rusev and Aiden English, the New Day, and Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable, was a great match to start their show! I mentioned earlier that with the addition of Rusev and Aiden English as a team, that the division was looking better and better for Smackdown and this definitely seems to be the case. The winner of this match gets a future opportunity against the Usos for the championship. Gable and Benjamin were able to win after pinning the New Day so whether it is at the Royal Rumble or very soon, this tag team championship match should be fun.

The Bad

For Raw, once again, we see Finn Balor versus Curt Hawkins, and Balor beats him within minutes. This keeps Curt Hawkins losing streak intact too. But, we already saw this a few weeks ago and it is just repetitive. It’s a shame to see what is going on with Finn Balor at this point and the fact that we are seeing the same things over and over again with him is ridiculous.

For Smackdown, while I do like that they are hosting a tournament to determine who is going to be the new United States champion; it makes me wonder, what was the purpose of Ziggler winning it then? Dolph Ziggler wins the championship at Clash of Champions and then two days later, he gives up the belt. It really just feels like WWE needed an excuse to take the belt of Baron Corbin at this point. This could’ve been done differently instead of just having it given away.

The Final Verdict

Overall, both shows were pretty good this week. Raw had two championship matches on their show, and one of them led to new tag team champions! Along with that, Raw has done a good job of slowly building up the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match for the PPV. Smackdown, on the other hand, has laid out a tournament to determine the new United States champion, which should be fun to watch, and they had a great tag team match to determine the new number one contenders. This week though, I will have to give to Raw for a few reasons. Not only did they host a few championship matches, but they also had John Cena return and put on a funny segment and good match with Elias. While Raw did have some moments where it felt like they were just killing time (Balor’s match, Kane’s match, Strowman’s match, etc.), they got  the point across of building up the PPV and still having some memorable moments in the process!