WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who Won this Week? January 15, 2018

The Good

For Raw, while I didn’t understand why Kurt Angle would even consider firing Braun Strowman, the story that happened because of this was very entertaining. Strowman destroyed everything in his way (except for the guy in catering holding a chocolate cake) and Angle eventually ended up rehiring Strowman and keeping him in the Universal Championship match for the Royal Rumble. This segment did take up a lot of time during the show but it was amusing and humorous and just made Braun Strowman feel like he has all the momentum going into the Royal Rumble.


For Smackdown, instead of hosting the finals to the United States championship tournament at the Royal Rumble, Smackdown decided to host the match this week. The final match ended up being between Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal and they put on a great match! Mahal dominated early in the match, but then Roode was able to overcome the adversity and get the fall in the end. Now, we finally have a United States champion (and a good one at that) and it will be interesting to see where this leads.

The Bad

For Raw, another week, another member of Absolution facing off against Sasha Banks this time. I understand WWE wanting to feature a lot of different matchups for the Women’s Royal Rumble match, but there are more than just these superstars that can fight against each other. This has going on for what feels like months now and anytime I see that these two are about to fight again, I just change the channel.

For Smackdown, same thing goes for Smackdown as well. But, this time around it is the Riot Squad versus Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Naomi. We have seen this too many times and it is getting old really quickly.

The Final Verdict

Overall, both shows were decent this week. They did though, have repeat matches, which is always a shame considering the size of the rosters. But, with all that said though, I would have to say that Raw had the better show this week. Not only was the Strowman segment great, but the buildup for next week’s 25th anniversary was great too. The 25th anniversary show is going to be absolutely loaded with WWE legends and it is going to have a great main event between Roman Reigns and the Miz for the Intercontinental Championship! In conclusion, Raw focused on the anniversary show as well as the Royal Rumble, while Smackdown was more focused on crowning a New United States champion and put little effort into building up the Royal Rumble.