WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who Won this week? February 5, 2018

The Good

For Raw, the main event was a triple threat match between Elias, John Cena, and Braun Strowman where the winner would be the last entrant in the Elimination Chamber match. Overall, this match was entertaining right from the start. Along with that, Elias was able to get the pinfall, so he will enter last for the chamber match! In the end though, Strowman was the last man standing as he beat up both Elias and Cena, hitting them with multiple powerslams to end the show, which is always pleasing to the crowd.

For Smackdown, the United States championship match between Rusev and Bobby Roode was a good championship match. Now, even though the crowd wanted Rusev to win, Roode keeping his championship was still probably the right call. Not only was the match pretty good, but what happened after was also great to see as well. Randy Orton hit his infamous RKO out of nowhere on Bobby Roode as he was celebrating, which may lead to a Roode vs. Orton rivalry, which would be a great!

The Bad

For Raw, instead of hosting the cruiserweight tournament matches on Raw to show the importance of them, they decided to have a tag team match instead, which just felt like filler. Hosting the tournament matches on the main show instead of 205 live would make these matches feel more important and WWE would be able to keep the audience updated on how the tournament is looking. Instead, they expect us to watch 205 live (which nobody really does compared to Raw), and follow it through there but that won’t work.

For Smackdown, while the main event between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn was a great match, the end result ruined the match. The end result was a double DQ because AJ Styles decided to attack both competitors during the match. This led Daniel Bryan to announce that at Fastlane, it will be a triple threat match between Styles, Owens, and Zayn for the WWE Championship. Honestly, because we have to see these three go at it again, this rivalry feels like it has overstayed its welcome. This storyline between Styles, Owens, Zayn, and management has been going on for over three months and now that they are going to have one more match with these three involved instead of trying something new like giving Sami Zayn a one-on-one match, it feels like this has taken way too long and they need to move onto something new.

The Final Verdict

As a whole, both shows were decent this week. Raw helped fill out the Women’s Elimination chamber match as well as have five out of the six spots filled for the men’s elimination chamber match. Smackdown did a little bit to focus on their next upcoming PPV as well. They have their main event match setup, and they planted seeds for upcoming matches too (Usos vs. Bludgeon Brothers, Orton vs. Roode). With that being said, I will have to give Smackdown the better show this week. They hosted pretty good matches on their show and laid out some interesting storylines going forward with their upcoming PPV. Raw, on the other hand, had some confusing moments on their show, which has created holes in some of their storylines that need fixing.