WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who Won this Week? February 26, 2018

The Good

For Raw, the promo cut by Roman Reigns this week was one of his best so far. He ran down his opponent, Brock Lesnar, for being a no-show for not only this week, but in general. This definitely helped this rivalry because even though people saw this matchup coming from miles away, a proper buildup will help this match give it a bigger feeling.

For Smackdown, the main event between John Cena and AJ Styles was the highlight of the show. These two always put on a good match and it was no different this time around. Cena was able to pick up the victory and now he is added to the main event at Fastlane, making it a six-pack challenge for the WWE Championship.

The Bad

For Raw, I usually never have anything bad to say about anything Braun Strowman is featured in, but I have to make an exception this week. Strowman was involved in another segment this week with Elias and it just felt like a repeat of what happened between these two a few weeks ago. Strowman doesn’t have a road for Wrestlemania yet and seeing how popular he is, it shouldn’t just be a one on one match with Elias.

For Smackdown, even though the match between John Cena and AJ Styles was great, the premise of it is what is bad. Week after week somebody has been added to the WWE Championship match and the fact that John Cena shows up for one week and is able to be given an opportunity at the main event is where this storyline has flaws. Especially considering that somebody like Rusev, who is one of the most popular acts on Smackdown, hasn’t had a match in three weeks and he has been there longer than Cena has on Smackdown.

The Final Verdict

Both shows were decent this week. Smackdown tried really hard to promote Fastlane as much as possible (keyword: tried) and Raw has already begun paving the roads to Wrestlemania. This week, I will have to give to Raw. Reigns cut a great promo, we already got build up between Asuka and Alexa Bliss, and we have groundwork for what will happen with the Intercontinental Championship. Smackdown did a good job of building up their PPV, but the show as a whole just doesn’t have that upcoming PPV feel.  With Fastlane a week away though, it’ll be interesting to see what the results are as we head into the biggest PPV of the year!