WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who Won this Week? March 26, 2018

The Good

For Raw, John Cena versus Kane in a No-DQ match was the main event and it was entertaining. Cena ended up winning and what really matters in regards to this was his rant on the Undertaker after the match. He continues to try and antagonize the Undertaker by imitating his taunts as well as calling him a coward.  It is still up in the air if this match is even going to happen, but the suspense of a returning Undertaker is very intriguing and it will be interesting to see what happens next week.

For Smackdown, WWE finally found a road to Wrestlemania for Rusev! At the last second, Jinder Mahal said that Sunil Singh would be unable to compete in a tag match against Randy Orton and Bobby Roode. This led to Rusev being the replacement. This match ended when Rusev kicked Orton in the face and got the pinfall. After the match, Rusev said that since he pinned the US Champion, he decided to ask to get put into the championship match at Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan said yes, so now Rusev finally is involved in an important storyline for Wrestlemania, which is well deserved.

The Bad

For Raw, we had Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson versus the Miztourage for what feels like the 100th time. This match happened because the Balor Club helped out Finn Balor earlier in the night from getting jumped by the Miztoruage. But, we have seen this match one to many times and at this point, we don’t care about it.

For Smackdown, they had Dolph Ziggler versus Tyler Breeze, which felt like a filler match. It was supposed to build up both superstars for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but this match was a match that you didn’t have to watch or really care about.

The Final Verdict

Both shows were pretty good this week. Raw focused on the current matches they have prepared for Wrestlemania while Smackdown announced new matches as well as helped build up current ones. Due to that, I will say that Smackdown had the better show this week. They focused on the WWE championship match towards the end of the show, which is where that should be. They also found a spot for Rusev on the card, they announced the tag team championship, they announced that Daniel Bryan will fight again at Wrestlemania, and they also helped find time to show a promo for the women’s championship match! Overall, Smackdown needed a good show to help get back on track for Wrestlemania and I think they were able to do that this week. As far as Raw, the buildup for their matches has been great, so they just need to keep doing what they have been doing.