Nebraska Coach Scott Frost Says 1-2 Alabama National Titles Aren’t Legit

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost is continuing his beef with Alabama, which is in a back-and-forth with Frost’s former employer, UCF.

“Alabama probably has one or two national championships they claim that weren’t necessarily recognized by everybody,” Frost told KETV (h/t ESPN).

Frost led UCF to a 13-0 season before taking the Nebraska job and supports the school’s recent claim of a national championship, saying it is smart in terms of keeping the program in the national spotlight.

However, Frost also said that the true champions are the ones who survive the the College Football Playoff.

UCF was kept out of that playoff despite a glowing record.

Saban stoked the flames when he told USA Today that while UCF can make any claim they want, “self-proclaimed is not the same as actually earning it.”

“We’ve only had one undefeated team, and that is really hard to do,” Saban said. “So I have a tremendous amount of respect for their team and what they were able to accomplish. … And they can make every claim that they should have been in the playoff. I get that.

“But we have a system, and it’s not fair to the people who went through the system and earned their way playing really, really good teams — I mean really good teams — and really tough games. It’s not quite fair to them for somebody else just to decide to [claim a national championship].”



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