Javan Bouton: A Texas state champion with greater expectations for himself

Javan Bouton loved football ever since the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl in 2009 when he was in the second grade.

Being from New Orleans but raised in Texas, the hardest thing he had to overcome was being in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Now, Bouton plays the game for his family, God and praises his mother for her hard work ethic.

Now as a rising junior at Prestonwood Christian Academy, the six-foot-three, 285 pound, starting left tackle has no scholarships offers. He can call himself a Texas high school football state champion. Check out his sophomore highlights.

The Prestonwood Christian Academy Lions of Plano, Texas (12-2, 6-1 TAPPS Division I District 1) defeated the St. Pius X Panthers (10-2, 3-0 TAPPS Division I District 3) 42-41.

Photo Credit: Javan Bouton Twitter

“It was the best feeling I have felt in my life to this point. Great much success and we hope to keep it up,” Bouton said about the championship win.

The semi-final game against All Saints Episcopal High School (11-1) was when the Bouton Dance made its debut according to Lions Head Coach Chris Cunningham.

“On the next to the last play in the state semi-final game vs. All Saints, Javon made the key block to allow our back to cut back, get the first down, and seal the game,” he said. “When Javon saw that we had made the first down, he did as much of a dance as a big man running down the field can do. We called it the “Bouton Dance.”

Bouton has learned valuable lessons on and off the field. He told his mother he wants to leave a legacy at Prestonwood Christian Academy and he will miss all of his coaches, teammates, and teachers.

“I am working very hard to become the best offensive linemen Coach C has coached. Our coaches are teaching us to be players on the field and men of God in life,” Bouton said. “I don’t have my father in my life but the environment that is created at Prestonwood Christian Academy makes me very strong and confident. Everyone there makes me want to succeed.”

As far as the chances of Bouton becoming the best offensive linemen he has ever coached, Cunningham sees the potential for that to happen.

“I believe if he keeps pushing himself each day on getting better at the little things, and he consistently improves his strength, quickness, and technique, then he has a good chance. I believe in him because he already possesses a key characteristic, and that is FIGHT,” he said. “From the time he was a ninth grader, he has never backed down from anything or anyone! The other thing he has going for him is an unbelievable mother who loves him and holds him accountable….”

Javan Bouton has learned a great deal at camps and was able to get on the radar of some teams. When he goes on more unofficial visits to camps and games, he’ll be paying close attention to the football facilities, the coaching staff, the community on campus and the academic program which is most important.

He has a lot of ideas in terms of what he wants to major in: engineering, kinesiology, pre-med, liberal arts or pre-law.  On what he could bring to a university, leading by example on and off the field will be a priority.

“On the field, I will be the best player and team member. I know how to win and will motivate those around me. Off the field, I will bring a leader in the community and in the classroom.”

When you look at Javan Bouton film, what stands out about him right away is his ability to keep his feet moving as a running blocker. He stays aggressive and finishes his blocks well.

As a pass blocker, he has good footwork and gets good leverage allowing him not to be thrown off balance.

“Javon came to us his freshman year. He was very raw, and of course, everything we were doing was new to him. What did you see early on that you liked? Javon was one of the most coachable athletes I’ve ever worked with,” Cunningham said. “He has the athletic ability to make adjustments the first time you explain them to him. This [has] allowed him to become one of our best offensive linemen very quickly. He also has a tireless work ethic.”

What Cunningham raved about with Bouton in his sophomore year were his footwork and leverage.

“His footwork and understanding of leverage [have] improved so fast that it’s scary. He’s only going to be a junior, and he keeps improving at a rapid pace!”

He models his game after several NFL offensive linemen: Dallas Cowboys Offensive Tackle Tyron Smith, NFL Hall of Famers Orlando Pace and Willie Roaf, in addition to Patrick Lewis and Bouton’s middle school coach Marcus Price.

Javan Bouton believes in his ability to protect the quarterback but knows he needs to improve on his explosiveness and vertical.

He has four goals for the 2018 season: Win another championship for Coach Cunningham, improve his grades and athletic ability, in addition to, earn a scholarship and be a first team all-district and all-state selection.

Feature Photo Credit: Javan Bouton Twitter