Kirby Smart Says ‘It’s Not Like I Have Nightmares’ About Georgia’s Title-Game Loss To Alabama

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart isn’t losing any sleep over his team’s College Football Playoff National Championship Game loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide last year.

Instead, Smart said that he would use the loss as a teaching lesson, according to ESPN’s Alex Scarborough.

“Everyone wants to talk about that question. It’s not like I have nightmares about it, no. I think we grow from it. The entire season was a learning experience, a confidence builder.”

Alabama stormed back from a 20-7 deficit to beat Georgia 26-23 in overtime, but it’s not something Smart, or his coaching staff, is dwelling on.

“I don’t think you look back on it like a horror story. You take it and go. We don’t have time in our business. Literally, right after the game we’re on the road recruiting two days later, in someone’s home trying to convince them to come.”



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