Deishan Layne finds a football home with Nation Christian Academy

Former Riverdale Raider Wide Receiver Deishan Layne is now a Nation Christian Academy Eagle.

He chose Nation Christian Academy of Port St. Lucie, Florida over scholarship offers from Palmetto Prep, Manchester University, Wittenberg University and Malone University.

Layne reflected on his recruiting process and the patience necessary to endure it.

“…The recruiting process was hard. Everybody was getting recruited but God was having me be patient. I just trusted the process,” Layne said.

Nation Christian Academy and Deishan Layne found one another due to a friend of Layne’s pointing them out.

Nation Christian Academy Eagles Head Coach Bill Powers said they recruited Layne because they believe he is a Division I athlete.

“I think Deishan is very explosive coming off the ball. He consistently got behind defensive backs and does a great job of catching the ball with his hands.”

Powers is also confident that Layne will be a great teammate and someone they can count on.

“With another season under his belt and a year bigger, faster and stronger I feel Deishan is someone we will be watching on national TV on Saturdays,” he added.

Deishan Layne feels he reads defenses very well given the coverage he sees on the field. At Nation Christian Academy, he wants to grow on and off the field whether that’s setting an example or speaking to someone.

“He needs to become a better blocker. You don’t play in college if you can’t block. He runs good routes but can definitely make crisper cuts,” Powers said about what Layne needs to improve on.

The good thing for the six-foot-one, 175-pound wide receiver from Ft. Myers is he ran the spread offense with Riverdale High School and that’s the same offense he will inherit at Nation Christian Academy.

Deishan Layne wants to break team and personal records at his new institution. What he still has to learn on the field is how to be patient and focus on the little things so when it’s game time. Under the bright lights, he can make plays.

“…Deishan is someone a defense really needs to focus on. I think he can play both slot and wideout and will be one of our go-to receivers,” Powers said.