Tavion Grant is ready to leave his mark as a Killeen Kangaroo

Tavion Grant is a dual-sport athlete at Killeen High School (TX) and has always dreamed of playing football and baseball at the collegiate level and but he loves football with all his heart.

Grant’s dad is someone he said pushes him to be a better student-athlete and reach new levels in his abilities.

 “I play for me and my family because we breathe sports daily. Football has been a major component of my family and we love football in every way. God-family-education-football is our motto that we live by.”

The six-foot, 176-pound 2019 safety, and Killeen, Texas native had to deal with moving around a lot being a military kid and it affected how hard he had to work on the football field.

“The toughest thing in my career that I ever faced was being a military child relocating every year and me having to prove my athletic ability everywhere we moved to. It was tough being the new guy and not getting all the playing time that I was accustomed to at my previous school. I was humbled by this and it helped me in more ways that I can imagine.”

Killeen Kangaroos Head Coach Neil Searcy admires Grant’s work ethic and leadership skills in addition to his whatever it takes approach to help the team be successful.

He was named a 2018 Semper Fidelis All-American and selected to compete in the U.S. Army All-American Combine his sophomore and junior years. He also plays Varsity baseball for the Killeen Kangaroos and was offered by Cincinnati Christian University in that sport.

He has high interest in Bucknell, Columbia, Princeton, Southern Nazarene, Florida Tech, Greenville University, Ripon College and Cincinnati Christian University for football.

Tavion Grant shows on film that he is a sure tackler in space as a defensive back and he has solid ball skills as well. He feels most effective at defensive back in run support and man coverage mostly because that’s his domain and he can hold his own against the player he’s covering.

“I love to hit and the intensity at defensive back just makes my blood flows. I love the way a defensive back can cause the QB to make bad decisions because of great coverage.”

His physicality is what Grant believes is his best attribute along with his ability to find the ball and make big plays.

“My speed is the one thing I can polish up on. I have got my run time down to a 4.6 40 but my goal is the low 4.5 area. I work day in and day out to teach my goal and I will have a 4.5 flat before college,” he said.

Tavion Grant plans to commit to the school of his choice in December or January when the time is right, put up big numbers and break records in 2018. Check out his highlights here. The Killen Kangaroos start the 2018 season on the road as they will play the Stony Point Tigers of Round Rock Friday, Aug. 31. 

“When it is all said and done, and it is time to graduate, I will miss my great coaches and I will miss the bond that I have with my teammates. I want to leave the impression that I was a great person and student-athlete that cared about others. I also want to leave my hard work and determination to my younger brother that is a sophomore that plays defensive back as well.”