Austalia’s Josh Green Commits to Arizona

The Arizona Wildcats have landed Australian high school hoops prodigy Josh Green, who has officially committed to the program, according to Bleacher Report’s David Gardner.

“I’ve decided, I’m going to play for Arizona next year” Green announced.

Green will stay in Arizona, which has become home to him as his family made nearby Phoenix their home after they arriving in the United States 5 years ago.

“I look back at everything I’ve done and I’ve come through to be where I’m at, and I feel proud and it feels crazy,” he says. “I moved from one side of the world to the other side of the world. A lot of kids in Australia would love to be in the situation I’m in. I’m excited for what’s next.”

“I don’t think I’ve coached anyone who’s better in a full-court setting in 14 years,” MG coach Sean McAloon said. “I wouldn’t even know who to compare him to. I think he can be a three-and-D-type kid. But he can be anything. He can handle the ball and get you into your offense. He can shoot the ball and create. He has a smoothness to him in transition, but he’s vicious around the rim. I’ve mostly tried not to limit the dynamic aspects of his game. He’s not the next anybody. He’s the first Josh Green.”


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