Drew Lock Calls Out SEC Teams Attempting to Poach Mizzou Players

Although he will be a member of an NFL team in just over a week’s time, Drew Lock is still willing to go to battle for the Mizzou Tigers.

Recently, it had come to light that Mizzou head coach Barry Odom was upset over several SEC programs reaching out to players this offseason following the news of an NCAA ban hit the wire.

Now, former Tigers signal caller Lock, is calling out teams for poaching Mizzou players.

“I know there was opportunity for people to leave and people were definitely calling them, trying to get everybody to come to their school but I think that just shows what they think of the university. If you’re calling and trying to steal players, I think you’re probably pretty nervous about who you’re about to play this year,” Lock said, according to ABC17’s Andrew Kauffman at Saturday’s spring game. “That speaks a lot for this place and I’m excited to watch as kind of an outsider this year and pull for a team again.”

“Everybody is going to have a bad day,” Odom said, who pointed specifically to Tennessee and Jeremy Pruitt, via CBS Sports. “You combine that with somebody that — who’d we beat 51-17 this year? Tennessee? Yeah, those guys. They are non-stop reaching out daily [saying], ‘Hey, come here.’ The grass is not always greener somewhere else.”


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