New York Senator Proposes Bill to Pay College Athletes

Sen. Kevin Parker, a New York state senator from Brooklyn, proposed a bill earlier this week that would give college athletes the ability to sell the rights to their own names, images and likenesses, according to ESPN’s Dan Murphy.

If the bill is passed, New York would then become the first state to require colleges to pay student-athletes directly.

“It’s about equity,” Parker said, during an interview with ESPN on Wednesday. “These young people are adding their skill, talent and labor to these universities. … You don’t need the shortcuts and the end-arounds because now we’re providing some real support for these student-athletes.”

Parker said he modeled his initial proposal after California’s Fair Pay to Play Act, which was passed by the state’s assembly and senator unanimously earlier this month.

The NCAA has publicly opposed California’s bill in letters sent to legislators during the past several months, and has assembled a working group of university presidents, athletic directors and conference commissioners to examine ways in which the national body could modernize or evolve its rules for compensating athletes, with those findings expected to be reported sometime in October.

Parker is currently looking for a co-sponsor in the state assembly, and says that he has the support of one other senator so far.


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